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Imagine viewing art at brush-stroke-level detail, rotating and printing objects three-dimensionally, and using a laptop or smart-phone to walk through the Diplomatic Reception Rooms. DRR’s digital tools connect you with historical objects and art in new and profound ways.

With your help, students will discover, learn, share — and be inspired to take action! Contact the Office of Fine Arts to learn more about how you can support online educational initiatives.

Supporting In-State Programs

The National Declaration of Learning program inspires the next generation of leaders to appreciate history and art, and become civically engaged. Through object-based learning, the program brings classroom subjects to life, and motivates future leaders to address issues in their schools and communities.

The Declaration of  Learning program is currently active in Arkansas, Virginia, and Washington DC. With your help, this program can expand to additional states and have a greater impact on teaching, learning, and civic engagement. Contact the Office of Fine Arts to learn how you can support the National Declaration of Learning program.

Supporting On-Site Programs

Today, diplomacy is more important than ever. By building relationships and honoring different perspectives, diplomats find solutions. The skills they use — listening, understanding, and respectful communicating — are taught in this program.

The U.S. Department of  State Teacher Institute is led by the Diplomatic Reception Rooms and National Museum of American Diplomacy. The program features objects and art from both collections, and uses object-based learning to explore the history, skills, and tools of diplomacy.

With your help, this program can continue to help educators integrate diplomacy into their classrooms. Contact the Office of Fine Arts to learn how you can support the U.S. Department of  State Teacher Institute.